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Ricardo Aviles, M.D.

Dr. Ricardo Aviles | Sierra Vista | BensonDr. Ricardo Aviles joined Cochise Eye & Laser in 2004 after completing his residency in Ophthalmology at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, where he was Chief Resident. He graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 2000, and before that was a Mechanical Engineer.

Dr. Aviles is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and performs state of the art surgery every week in our attached ambulatory surgery center, including cataract surgery, pterygium removal and eyelid surgery. Dropless cataract surgery is available for patients that are unable to use eyedrops before and after surgery. He also treats glaucoma, diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration, including avastin injections for wet macular degeneration.

Several years ago, Dr. Aviles sought a better way to minimize patient head movement during eye surgery while maintaining patient comfort, for patients of all sizes. He designed the Aviles Surgical Headrest and built the original prototype before partnering with Gulden Ophthalmics Corporation. Patent No. 14678722 was approved by the USPTO in 2017 and Dr. Aviles continues to use the production model for all eye surgeries.

Aviles Surgical Headrest

In 2016, Dr. Aviles invented a device that grasps eyedrop bottles by the cap and suspends them. The bottles can now be unscrewed without touching the cap, preventing the transmission of skin germs between patients. This device complies with recent changes in surgery center regulations implemented by Medicare.

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